Gaurang Bhatnagar

Cyber Security Researcher

About Me

I’m currently working as a security consultant in one of the consultancy firm based in India.

Following are the key highlights about me:

  • Experienced in attacking and defending enterprise systems and networks.
  • Key focus of my research is to find advanced attacks and vulnerabilities in web, mobile and network services.
  • Usually spend my time by doing self research more into offensive security.
  • Highly engaged and active at assessing the security of various organizations and open source projects.
  • Loves eavesdropping when it comes to hacking.


Ernst & Young

Security Consultant

January 2016 - June 2019

My roles and responsibilities here included:

  • Identifying critical vulnerabilities in an organization’s infrastructure which could result in compromise of the crown jewels of the organization’s business.
  • Performing vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of various entry points such as IOT, Web applications, Mobile applications, Networks, Systems and Wireless networks.


Gujarat Forensic Sciences University

M.Tech (Cyber Security & Incident Response)

2014 - 2016

I did my specialization in Cybersecurity domain where I got to learn about most of the security fields. I enjoyed creating my thesis report in each semester which really helped me to explore my research abilities. I worked on AntiForensics, Cross Domain Data Hijack, Port scanning and XSPA and Pentesting Android Applications as part of my thesis project. You can view these thesis report from here, here, here and here.


Following are the list of certifications I am holding currently:

  • eCPPT (eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester) Licence: 4902001
  • eJPT (eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester) Licence: EJPT-200175
  • eWPT (eLearnSecurity Web Application Penetration Tester) Licence: EWPT-224
  • eMAPT (eLearnSecurity Mobile Application Penetration Tester) Licence: EMAPT-71